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Piano Today

Do you think you are not interested in contemporary music?

For years I have heard my students say that they didn’t like it or that they weren’t very interested. And he would always smile inside saying: “I play with an advantage. There are so many fascinating things that you are going to discover with me.”

The paths of contemporary music are endless and the styles are so varied that if you like music, it is impossible that you do not like some aspects of contemporary music.

I'm going to open the door to the best and most complete Contemporary Piano content that you can find on the web.

About me...

Ricardo Descalzo

After 30 years dedicated to this music as a performer and 17 years as a teacher, I want to present you my project “Piano Today”, a video library created over the last 5 years with Orlando Regidor and which has been recorded with the highest quality in audio and video . There, you will find my performances of contemporary music works that I love and that have changed my life.

Just for you

Mysterious Creatures inside the piano

I am very excited to present you a new series that I have just started to talk about a thousand things related to the world of contemporary piano. This first video is about my experience with the young composer Elena Rykova during the creation of her first solo piano piece. Click on the image to see it.

Five recommendations to get started

piano today video library

Do you like modern music, techno?

Do you have transgressor spirit and can't stand the rules?

Do you like quiet music that would let you dream?

Do you like something that connects more with the traditional repertoire?

Do you like oriental sounds?

There are many more styles!

Piano Today

Access the YouTube channel for free, where you will surely find a work that connects with you deeply. Click on the image.

what they say about me

"I love everything about this video! You clearly understand so deeply about what I cherish in making this music, and you are a superb communicator of its beauty. Your sound is full of dimensionality and richness, my breath is taken away by it! I am full of gratitude. It took me about 20 years to find the right performer for this piece, and it was worth the wait!"
Lei Liang
"Dear Ricardo. Thank you for your wonderful performance of Crystalline II. It sounds perfect! - beautiful, delicate, powerful and gorgeous! In fact, I am deeply impressed and inspired by your performance. It is a rare and wonderful experience that a performance gives me inspiration beyond my imagination."
Karen Tanaka
"It is rare that modern music be presented with such musical mastery, serious precision and visual clarity, as Ricardo has managed to do here. The concept of this library and the clean, aesthetic fashion in which it has been filmed, makes me doubly happy as it demonstrates to others (forever) how this music can be enjoyed and performed, as well as the music of other composers of our time! Five stars Ricardo, on all counts, BRAVO!! and Thank you for creating a portal inspiring young musicians and professionals alike. I am looking forward to the next recordings!"
Randall Meyers
"The, once again, magnificent video from Ricardo Descalzo's channel. This time it's the turn of the fascinating Study No. 2 by José M. Sánchez-Verdú. Music full of energy and mystery, a true jewel that I can't imagine performed better than how it sounds here."
Luca Chiantore
Pianist and musicologist
"We have here a fabulous project with an immeasurable future. It has a magnificent presentation, luxurious, for its appearance and, above all, for the performances and quality of its audio and video recordings. Everything is extremely professional and artistic at the highest level desired, which will allow many of us to get closer, be more intimate, and appreciate more contemporary piano music. It is also an invaluable defense of what is already a cultural heritage of humanity. Thank you, dear Ricardo. "
Emmanuel Ferrer
"The work that Ricardo Descalzo and Orlando Regidor are creating is impressive. An exquisite choice of a contemporary repertoire with soul, a sublime interpretation by the great pianist Ricardo Descalzo and a great video and audio work by Orlando Regidor. A project that can move the world of contemporary music and our hearts. A heartfelt thanks to both artists! Our world needs people like you. "
Conrado Moya
Marimba soloist

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