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Thomas Adès

Still sorrowing
Ge Gan-Ru Gu Yue (Ancient Music)


  II. Qin (Chinese cyther)

Henry Cowell

The banshee

John Cage

Mysterious adventure

George Crumb

Ghost-nocturne: for the Druids os Stonehenge (Makrokosmos II)

Moritz Eggert

Jerusalem (Hämmerklavier)
Ge Gan-Ru Gu Yue (Ancient Music)



I. Gong
Liang, Lei Against piano

Curtis Curtis-Smith

Listen! The spiked and winding cold seahorn (Rhapsodies)

Jesús Torres
Nueva obra
George Crumb Five Pieces for piano
Peter Sculthorpe Koto I
George Crumb
A little suite for Christmas